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Our Story

EXPRO N.V. was founded in November 1987.  From the outset, the aim was to build fixed extinguishing installations in addition to the activities of companies active in other branches of fire protection: fire detection specialists, sprinkler system installers, sellers of hand-operated extinguishing equipment, etc... .


A circle of regular customers was quickly built up.  This customer base is still growing and first extended to Luxembourg, and more recently to the Netherlands and France.


To carry out installation work in Luxembourg, Expro s.à r.l. was founded.  At the start of operations in the Netherlands and France, national borders were already less of an obstacle, so it was enough to have a Dutch and French VAT number.


EXPRO was the first installer of extinguishing systems to be recognised for this purpose by the B.V.V.O. (now Assuralia).  Meanwhile, the recognition was renewed several times and became a "BOSEC recognition".


Initially, mainly CO2 and Halon extinguishing systems were built.  With the Montreal Protocol, Halon systems had to disappear and new extinguishing gases and techniques came to the fore.  Now mainly inert-gas systems and extinguishing systems with chemical extinguishing gases HFC227ea, HFC125 and FK 5.1.12 are installed, but also water mist systems and systems for extinguishing fryers and frying pans in industrial kitchens and restaurants.


To dispose of the Halon, Expro took the necessary steps to be recognised by the Walloon Region as a collector and transporter of the "hazardous waste" Halon. This activity is no longer applicable today.


Initially, the company was located in Dilbeek, where its registered office is still today.  Soon a larger building had to be found.  This was found and rented in Halle.  Even there it became too small.  Expro then moved to a new building it built itself in the Saintes (Tubize) industrial zone.


There are now 3 assembly teams, each with a fully equipped light truck.  There are also people responsible for periodic inspections, interventions on the installations built and preparation in the workshop of the installations to be built.


All installations are built according to the applicable rules.  Apart from the kitchen extinguishing systems, which are pre-engineered, all other systems are designed and calculated in advance.

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