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As a company, we have obtained certain certifications. These are necessary to continue growing as a company and to satisfy our customers.
Below is an overview of our most important certificates. 

ISO-9001 V. 2015

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. This management standard is also the flagship of the standardisation world. The quality standard gathers all best practices on transparency, reliability and quality for your organisation.


BOSEC is a voluntary certification mark covering, among others, installers of automatic fire detection systems, gas extinguishing or hydraulic extinguishing systems (sprinkler) and smoke and heat extraction systems. It is issued by the ANPI Department of Certification, ISO/IEC 17065, accredited by BELAC (003-PROD).


The BOSEC mark guarantees the reliability and quality of products (systems) and services. It covers not only conformity with the applicable (international and/or national) standards, but also conformity with additional quality criteria corresponding to the needs of users and consumers.

Public contracts

To qualify for a public works contract, a contractor must be accredited for those works. With this accreditation, the contractor proves his:

  • technical competence

  • financial standing

  • and professional integrity.

Recognition Ozone-depleting substances

Companies carrying out certain work in Belgium on stationary fire protection equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases or ozone-depleting substances (open definition) where there is a risk of emissions of these harmful substances need Flemish approval to do so. This involves the installation, maintenance, repair and decommissioning of this equipment.


This system is aimed primarily at contractors carrying out more high-risk activities. SCC (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) is a certification process in which a certification body checks, based on a screening of the company and its work sites, whether the applicant meets the assessment criteria for SCC certification.


Three levels are distinguished in SCC certification:

  1. SCC* Aimed at direct control of HSE while performing work on the shop floor, without the use of subcontractors.

  2. SCC** Aimed at the direct control of HSE while performing activities on the shop floor, as well as at the HSE structure (including HSE policy, HSE organisation and improvement management).

  3. SCC-P petrochemistry Focuses on the direct control of HSE during the execution of activities on the shop floor, on the HSE structure (including HSE policy, HSE organisation and improvement management), as well as on specific additional requirements for the petrochemical industry.

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